Innovative by tradition

First Logo

The LE.GA. SPA begins its activity in the immediate post-war period (1945) in a small factory for the production of combs, clips and articles for the care of the person put alone by the thirty-year-old "Grandpa " Gaetano Letteriello.

"grandfather" Gaetano Letteriello

His intuition combined with passion and perseverance immediately glimpses of the then first material used, celluloid, flexibility and versatility for countless applications that quickly began to succeed. In fact from the first experiments "Grandpa " Gaetano soon goes to the production of toys, children's constructions and articles for the sea. In the wake of consolidated market feedback, a further diversification in movement was decided in the family sector which was among the first to produce plastics, beginning to deposit the first patents.

The first sample room

A company story began that would be identified with the history of plastics, the new material destined to transform the life and customs of entire generations.

The L.E.G.A plant in 1958